Australian HAT Launch Covers

This table represents event covers released for the launches of HAT rockets from the Woomera, SA. These represent only some of the launches that took place.

Launch Covers
Designation Mission Postmark Date Description and Comments
HAT-01a HAT Woomera 25 July 1969 Red & Green text cachets plus black Rocket & Earth cachet
HAT-01b HAT Woomera 25 July 1969 Purple HAD cachet plus black Rocket & Earth cachet. Also a HAT launch cachet
Tracking Covers
Designation Mission Postmark Station Description and Comments
HAT-01ta HAT Woomera Baker-Nunn Red & green text cachets. Blue graphic Baker-Nunn cachet.
HAT-01tb HAT Woomera Island Lagoon Red & green text cachets. Black graphic DSS-41 Island Lagoon cachet.



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